About GreeLife MIM

Greelife MIM was founded in 2011 with its head office located in Shenzhen, China. We are specialized in CNC machining part manufacturing and have extensive experience in the global trading industry. We have been dealing in the high-volume production of small to substantial machine parts and cover a broad array of industries. Our expertise in providing personalized products is stated by our customers all around the world. With precisely following all the quality standards, we offer premium international standard finish products only. 

Our focused sectors include the medical industry, defense, and automotive industry, and, last but not least, the aerospace industry. We are exclusively experienced in the metal injection molding process. We can provide you with much more than gradual thermoplastic and advanced polymers’ handling. We can help you design your product while taking the maximized advantage of individual material properties. We are committed to providing the best quality product at the most budget-friendly prices while yielding the maximum strength of the latest and most advanced production technologies. We offer you custom design planetary gearboxes, precision metal parts, powder metallurgy parts, power transmission, and SS gearboxes.

When it comes to covering the journey of an idea to reality, Greelife MIM is your place to give a chance. We do not believe in stagnant growth, we continuously train and retrain our engineers and technicians so that they can readily bring you the most innovative, most reliable, and most durable custom machining parts with maximum innovation and excellent quality. For us, the priority is our customers’ satisfaction. Therefore, we tend to provide the most exclusive quality machining parts at the most market competitive prices, thus making the quality and durability priceless, not pricey. With an aim to satisfy the customers at every step, we try every inch hard to attain perfection.

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