Commonly Used CNC Machines in Different Industries

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CNC machining is a method that has been used in different industrial and domestic applications for ages.  When we talk about the literal meaning of the procedure, then it’s important to know that “CNC” is short for Computer Numerical Controlled and indicates the programmable feature of each machine, allowing the machine to perform various functions with minimal human control.  The process of CNC machining can be defined as the alteration of the product using computerized means that help in achieving the desired specifications in a product. The process might include the subtraction of parts in order to obtain a far more refined product that is gained by putting different raw materials within the range of a CNC machine.

Today the use of CNC has grown to the extent that even the machine that you see at a gas pump is also categorized as a CNC-driven machine. The advancing technological means have allowed the manufacturers to take full advantage of the bleeding edge technology, and today, we can witness that not a single industry can operate if they don’t have the required CNC capabilities that are required to manufacture a product. The most commonly known industries that rely on the continuous operations of a CNC machine include the automobile industry, aerospace industry, textile industry, etc. There are many cases where manufacturers have to rely on a reliable precision parts factory to source the required products for an intended application.

Here are the few most commonly used machines in different industries.

 CNC Milling Machines

CNC milling machines are one of the most commonly used machines in different industries. They are often described with their ability to rotate the cutting tools while holding the workpiece in place. The CNC milling machines have the ability to produce a wide array of shapes, such as the face-milled features (shallow, flat surfaces and cavities in the workpiece) and peripheral milled features (deep cavities such as slots and threads). The components produced on CNC milling machines are generally square or rectangular shapes with a variety of features according to the intended use.

CNC Laser Machines

CNC laser machines are a type of machine that has a pointed router with an extremely focused laser beam that is used to exactly cut, slice, or engraves different objects. The laser produces heat on the surface of the material and causes it to melt or vaporize, creating a cut in the material. Generally, the material is in a sheet format, and the laser beam moves backward and forward over the object to create a precise cut. These machines are commonly used in industries such as plastic and glass, where the products have to be manufactured by using different cuts of raw materials.

CNC Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM)

CNC Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM) uses the power of an electric charge to cause sparks that allow the manufacturers to mold the products in the desired shapes. The process involves A component that is located under the electrode wire, and the machine is then programmed to produce an electrical discharge from the wire, which produces extreme heat. The material is melted or flushed away with liquid to obtain the desired shape or feature in a product. The method is commonly used to obtain micro-holes in the products that are not possible to be done using manpower.

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