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GreeLife – The Leading Precision Metal Parts Manufacturer & Supplier in the World

Greelife MIM Co., Ltd is considered the leading Precision metal parts manufacturer and supplier all around the globe. We provide our clients with the best customizations of various types of metal parts and are capable of working on the most complex designs. Also, we as the top metal fabrication parts manufacturer excel in cutting and using only high-quality metals. Worldwide, all industries, including aerospace, medical, automobile, HVAC, etc. rely on us for manufacturing because of our superior services and excellent quality of the products. As we are the certified precision parts manufacturer, we only prefer to work on the top-tier and the latest machinery to supply our clients with the best. Read More

  • 17-4pH Stainless Steel Metal Injection Molding MIM Precision Parts for CNC Machining Parts / Laser Cutting Metal Parts for Car Accessories Auto Machine

  • China Fabrication Gear bracket

  • Custom Structural Metal Parts Metal Injection Molding MIM Parts Stainless Steel Turning Mill Machinery Parts

  • High Strength Hardness Sintered Metal Parts Stainless Steel Parts Iron Parts Polish Zinc Plated Powder Metallurgy Sintering Process SS304 SS316 Material

  • High Torque Planetary Gearbox Speed Reducer Power Transmission Gear Box Sun Gears Carrier Gear Ring Gear Mechanical Planet Gears

  • Machinery SUS Stainless Steel Parts CNC Machining Parts for Custom Hardware

  • Mechanical Spare Parts for Machine

  • Metal Injection Molding MIM Process Steel Gear Parts Machinery Gear and Wheels Part Spur Gears Bevel Gears Helical Gears

  • Metal Injection Molding Processing for Small Metal Parts Mass Production High Precision Powder Metallurgy MIM Parts Sintered Spare Parts

  • MIM Metal Parts SS316 Stainless Steel Metal Injection Molding Sintered Gearbox Gear Parts Machinery Gears

  • Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Plate Steel Fasteners Stainless Steel Hinges Connector

  • Powder Injection Molding Pm Metal Machinery Gear Transmission Spur Gears Planetary Gear Wheel Gears Bevel Gears Customized Sintered Gear