Ball Pen Components Stainless Steel Parts Custom Metal Parts Workshop

We offer customized metal parts for stationery through metal injection molding process . And MIM technology is an excellent way to maunfacture volume simple & complex custom parts with high quality , accurate and effective cost  and environment friendly .

Customized metal parts specification

Product name
Customized parts for writing material
metal , Iron , stainless steel , brass
Metal injection molding , CNC
Surface treatment
Polishing , plating ,sand blasting , PVD , coating
Drawing format
Delivery time 
30 days for mass production

MIM prcess in each steps :
1. Metal powers option
2. Binders
3. Mixing
4. Molding
5. De-binding
6. Sintering
7. post sintering operation such as polishing 
8. Mechanical properties MIM parts

Custom parts




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