Band Buckle Polished, Sintered Powder Metallurgy Metal Parts, Hinge Pump, Complex Small Custom Structural Parts

Factory price for metal injection molding (MIM) process,a development of powder metallurgy (PM) process and it is as a branch of this technology .
We specializing in manufacturing stainless steel parts , iron-based alloy components through powder injection molding process .Metal injection molding process is a best solution for complex shape metal parts high quantity production .We provide one stop end solution from design to fulfillment of high quality metal parts .
If the require number of the complex metal parts is higher than a certain amount MIM is cheaper than machining . When the parts is not reach a certain amount we will production by other fabrication process.

Mixing of powders
This can often involve the introduction of alloying additions in elemental powder form or the incorporation of a pressing lubricant.

Forming of the mixed powder into a compact

The dominant consolidation process involves pressing in a rigid toolset, comprising a die, punches and, possibly, mandrels or core rods. However, there are several other consolidation processes that are used in niche applications.

Sintering of the compact to enhance integrity and strength

This process step involves heating of the material, usually in a protective atmosphere, to a temperature that is below the melting point of the major constituent. In some cases, a minor constituent can form a liquid phase at sintering temperature; such cases are described as liquid phase sintering. The mechanisms involved in solid phase and liquid phase sintering are discussed briefly in a later section.

Secondary operations

The application of finishing processes to the sintered part. In the Powder Metallurgy industry, such processes are often referred to as secondary operations.

The advantages of metal injection molding for metal fabrications :

  • Highest degree of design freedom for complex shapes and geometries
  • Provides practical economic solutions to increasingly stringent material and product design requirements
  • Functional integration of various features, such as lateral drillings, interior and exterior threads and gear teeth.
  • Excellent batch to batch repeatability with exceptional process capabilities
  • Very high volume production series run on fully-automatic injection molding machines using multi-cavity tools
  • Components can be heat and surface treated, plated, welded and soldered

Customized metal parts specification

Product type Custom stainless steel parts iron parts titanium alloy parts high precision powder metallurgy metal injection molding parts / components copper structural parts 
Material metal , Iron , stainless steel ,carbon steel titanium alloy
Process Metal injection molding , powder metallurgy 
Treatment Passivate, Polishing, Electroplate, Sandblasted, Oxidation, Bake Painting, Silkscreen, Laser carving, Heat Treatment, Anodizing,Tempering,Brushing, Galvanization, Nickel Plating, Oil Spraying, Coating Ni/Cr/Zinc Plating
Tolerance ±0.3%
Drawing format DWG ,IGS , STP
Delivery time  20 days for mass production

Custom metal parts



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