Electronic lock accessories MIM parts

Material : stainless steel 316

Size : OEM size (lock accessories , key lock , electronic lock , fingerprint lock )

Surface treament :  polishing , wiredrawing

Production ability : 7,000 pieces per day

GL welcome all kinds of OEM/ODM stainless steel processing parts including the complex shap high density and high performance MIM part . As we have the advanced mature powder injection technology , the professional personnel , a full set of computer-controlled equipment , advanced quality control procedure and our good service we confident offer you the satisfied products .

Custom metal parts fabrication Powder metallurgy Metal injection molding Stainless steel electronic lock accessories

Stainless steel material 304 , 316 , 17-4PH .

Surface treatment : polishing , wiredrawing , brushing , sandblasting , plating , painting  .

Tolerance :  0.3%

Application : electronic locks , fingerprint lock , stainless steel lock , key lock

QC system : 100% inspection before shipment


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