Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Plate Steel Fasteners Stainless Steel Hinges Connector

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Greelife is a metal fabrication manufacturer that specialized in metal parts research and production with metal injection molding & powder matellurgy and factory located in Shenzhen China . 

Powder Metallurgy is an industrial technique with metal powders or powders mixing raw materials, forming and sintering to obtain metal parts. At present, metal injection molding technology has been widely used in transportation, machinery, electronics, aerospace, biology, new energy, information industries, and has become one of the most dynamic branches of new materials science.
Powder metallurgy technology has a series of advantages such as remarkable energy saving, material saving, excellent performance, high product precision and good stability, which is very suitable for mass production. In addition, some materials and complex parts that cannot be realised by conventional casting and mechanical processing can also be manufactured by powder metallurgy process.


Product name  Custom metal parts polishing mirror stainless steel parts , iron parts , brass parts customized logo design
Product process metal injection molding , power metallurgy , sinter metals
Material  stainless steel , SS303 SS304 SS316 SS17-4 , iron , copper
Production ability 2,000,000pieces/month
Size  Customized size
Tolerance 10mm±(0.03-0.05)mm
Weight 0.1g200g
Forming Method metal injection molding , powder metallurgy
Sintering method Solid phase sintering
Sintering environment Vacuum
Drawing format DWG , STP , IGS
Application OEM ODM steel parts for mechanical components
Shape  OEM ODM design 
OEM  welcome
QC system 100% inspection before shipping
Payment terms  T/T , Western Union,etc.
Lead time  20 working days for samples , 10 days volume
Supply capability 2,000,000Pieces/month
Packaging  PP bag / Anti-static film / anti-static plastic disc

Advantages of powder metallurgy  

  1. Simple & complex shape
  2. Design flexibility from molding
  3. High dimension accuracy
  4. Efficiency for high volume production
  5. 5.Flexible material Iron , stainless steel , brass etc.

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