Powder Metallurgy Sintering Metal Process Sintered Metals Iron Powder Parts

Excellent China supplier Metal fabrication factory stainless steel , iron , brass metal parts manufacturer . 

Metal fabrication material : Stainless steel 316 ,SS304,SS 303,SS 17-4, iron , brass 

Greelife is a metal fabrication manufacturer that specialized in metal parts
research and production through metal injection molding & powder matellurgy .

Metal injection molding is an effective way for the high-volume production of small metal parts ( from0.1g to200g ), such as stainless steel parts. The parts with metal injection molding process may be geometrically complex , thin walls and fine details. The use of metal powders enables a wide variety of ferrous and non ferrous alloys to be used and for the material properties ( hardness , strength , wear resistance, corrosion resistance ) to be close to the wrought metals.
And also because the metal is not melted in the MIM process (unlike metal casting and machining process), high temperature alloys can be used without any negative affect on tool life.

MIM process advantages

  1. Simple & complex geomitries avaialbe
  2. Efficient use material then lower the cost
  3. Excellent mechanical properties
  4. Tailored solutions to meet the flexible design
  5. High-efficient volume production 
  6. High density (95-98%)
  7. Repeat use and a green way for production
  8. Excellent surface quality , polishing , plating…

OEM metal parts specification:

Product name Sintering metal parts oem powder steel parts 
Product process metal injection molding , power metallurgy , sinter metals
Material Iron / stainless steel 
Post-Sintering treatment Machining, CNC turning , fine hole drilling , laser welding , cutting , precision honing,Polishing,Wire-drawing,Sandblasting,Plating,pvd , brush
Size  as customers request 
Tolerance 10mm±(0.03-0.05)mm
Weight 0.1g200g
Forming Method MIM , PM , CNC machining ,stamping , forging 
Sintering method Solid phase sintering
Sintering environment Vacuum
Material Iron , Stainless Steel
Drawing format DWG , STP , IGS
Application Custom metal parts , OEM parts 
OEM  Accepted
QC system 100% inspection before shipping
Payment terms T/T , Western Union,etc.
Lead time 20 working days 
Supply capability 5,000,000 Pieces/day
Packaging PP bag / Anti-static film / anti-static plastic disc



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